Mining equipment

What do we use for mining?

Our cloud mining farm is equipped with 540x Antminer S9's, special mining devices produced by Bitmain, the world famous manufacturer. These devices use microchips that are called ASIC (which stands for Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit) because they are specifically designed for Bitcoin mining and cannot be used for any other type of calculations.

The best part of using ASIC microchips is that they are very efficient both in terms of price, needed space and electricity. In an ASIC, every part of a regular microchip is removed if it is not needed or is optimized for Bitcoin Mining.

There are 189x ASIC microchips in one Antminer S9. This insane density of chips in one device allows packing amazing amounts of hash power in a very limited space.

Each of the 189 microchips has its own radiator attached to it. The case of Antminer S9 is made of aluminum, and it is supplied with two coolers located on the front and the back panels. The case is basically a turbine through which the air flows with enormous speed. An excellent ventilation is provided inside the S9, the air flows through the radiators and allows to avoid overheating of the working mechanisms.

We picked Antminer S9's because of the best energy efficiency among all Bitcoin miners. One device only needs 1300W of power and outputs an unbelievable 14 TH/s! The energy efficiency of an Antminer S9 is 0.94 J/TH/s (this parameter shows how much electricity is spent for each 1TH/s). The more electricity an ASIC spends to output one TH/s, the sooner it will become unprofitable to mine on it. Therefore, the energy efficiency of an ASIC and the price of electricity are the essential.